Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SEAL Sacrifices Since 9/11

As we justly celebrate the heroic actions of our nation's most elite warriors, let us also take this opportunity to remember the ultimate sacrifices of the Navy SEALs who have been killed in the Global War on Terror:

Neil C. Roberts                   
Matthew J. Bourgeois          
Thomas E. Retzer                
David M. Tapper                
Brian J. Ouellette                 
Matthew G. Axelson           
Danny P. Dietz                    
Michael P. Murphy             
Jacques J. Fontan               
Daniel R. Healy                  
Erik S. Kristensen              
Jeffrey A. Lucas                 
Michael M. McGreevy, Jr. 
Shane E. Patton,                
James Suh                         
Jeffrey S. Taylor                
Jason Frewald                   
John W. Marcum              

Marc A. Lee                  
Michael A. Monsoor      
Joseph C. Schwedler     
Jason D. Lewis              

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