Monday, May 2, 2011

Navy SEALs...When You Care To Send Only The Very Best

A platoon sized element of SEAL Team SIX, also known as DEVGRU executed a flawless mission to  bring Osama bin Laden to justice...justice meaning death. With over 3,200 Americans of the World Trade Center, Pentagon and United Airlines Flight 93 serving as the judge, a platoon of SEALs as the jury and a single SEAL as executioneer, bin Laden literally lost his head in the battle and after identification confirmation was buried at sea and returned to the depths of hell from which he came.

Let this serve notice on all who would do us harm, we will pay any price, endure any burden and wait vigantly for the right time to execute justice. On September 11, 2001, freedom was attacked and since that day freedom was defended "at a time of our choosing."  As President Bush said, our fight against terrorism does not end with al-Quada. We still have much work to do

As we pause to reflect on the good news of victory over evil, let us keep in mind the thousands of our nation's best who gave the ultimate sacrifice to make this day happen. I am sure the news of bin laden's death is bittersweet to the families; but to them I say, raise your head high, shoulders back and look the world in the eye. It was your sons and daughters that made it happen. You better than most understand the real cost of freedom as you have paid the most for it. Let us strive not only to be the beneficiaries of their service but faithful stewards of their ultimate sacrifice.

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