Friday, April 15, 2011

LT Michael Murphy Tribute Video - SEALing My Fate by Craig Palmer

Under the Media Tab is the tribute video to LT Michael P. Murphy. Partial proceeds go to support the LT Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation, a tax-exempt foundation. When asked why he wrote the song, Craig replied:

"I met Michael the first day of school, freshman year at Penn State University. The shared experiences over the next four years were countless, priceless and timeless. Michael was always the guy cheering the loudest for an individual's success, while also providing the strongest understanding and support through an individual's crisis.

At times, his selflessness was almost saddening; as it sometimes seemed like a burden he carried to ensure happiness among those around him. His compassion for others was unmatched, and his loyalty to friends was like nothing I have ever seen, nor will ever see again.

I loved Michael as a friend...I still speak to him in my times of need...and I am still so incredibly saddened that his life, his breath, and his beauty were stolen from us all.

This song is not for him. This song is for his family and for those who never had the opportunity to shake his hand."

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